Light of Christ, Illuminate Our Way!

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Breaking Barriers

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Proverbs 16:3 Commit Your Works to the Lord!

Proverbs 16:3 Commit your works to the LORD [submit and trust them to Him], And your plans will succeed [if you respond to His will and guidance].

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His Throne Ablaze With Flames

His Throne Ablaze With Flames

Dominion, honor, and praise emanate from your throne of flames, oh God! Our finite wisdom and insight can not fully imagine the realms of your kingdom. In your throneroom, when all men’s days are spent,  they will be ushered in before you. All our days past, present, and those yet to come shall we be judged. In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, You will judge the living and the dead.

Throughout your life, if you chose to not follow God’s laws, accept him as Lord and Savior, or if you chose to follow your own wisdom and prideful ways God will say; “I knew you not.”

Mathew 7:21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.

Our ultimate endeavor in and through life must be to personally know the Triune God intimately as our closest friend in the most deepest of relationships ever known to man. Let us encounter God face to face that our life may be saved.  Let God see our true face openly and unmasked. Behold God and see in His mirror of glory!  Heaven is God’s throne and earth is his footstool.

Mathew 6:10 Lord; “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

Written By: Renata Ritter

© Copyright 12-22-20

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A Storm Like None Other

A Storm Like None Other

A haze covers our land. In the beginning, the haze slowly crept in, and then it developed into a thick heavy blanket. The hurricane winds storms produced clouds of thick fog swirling in massive funnels around the world. A storm like none other! Its essence penetrated into and around everything that encompasses our daily life. Business, politics, school, church, industry, finances, media, the arts, and so much more.  Our being was pelted with horrendous debris piercing through to our soul bringing on eventual moral decay.  We became anesthetized and numb to its presence.  The breakdown started right after the fall of man.


Breaking out of the sludge of this corrupt fog and casting off the debris we are determined we will not let it move and restrain us anymore! We start to breathe in truth once again! Clarity comes into view. The world has been taken down into a wormhole of deceit, lies, immoral acts, fraud, greed, abusive use of authority, and corruption of every kind. Let us not forget what the Author and Finisher of our faith told us “let no man deceive you by any means”. Everything hidden will be revealed! We are coming out of the darkness into his marvelous light.


Let us move radically into the realm of possibilities. Our God removed death far from us and he brought life into our sinews and bones. We must nourish our mind, body, soul, and spirit with his hope and peace that has been freely given. It is time to fly free strengthened by his might and power. Watch as the storm clouds worldwide are blown away ushering in the glorious blinding light of heaven. The God of all creation has a plan. Just as he brought us a Savior who died for all of our sins he also brought us a key that opens all doors of opportunities. All we have to do is use this God-given key to freedom and liberty.  Advance NOW with the hope of a new and better tomorrow.

Written By: Renata Ritter

© Copyright 11/20

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The Cooing of the Dove

The Cooing of the Dove

Arise, weary warrior, as His glorious light casts its rays down upon you.  His soft cooing like a dove is calling you away into the infinity of the unknown.  The highways of Godly ley-lines are flowing throughout multi-dimensions to the inner depths of cosmic realms.  The marching of the saints and war-torn sons and daughters of the King are echoing and resounding through the frequency of his light.

Come away from that which is downtrodden and weighted by burdens. His peace is freedom for all and in this place, there is undisturbed composure.  Be caught up in the vein of the lifeblood of the King. Sounds of distant shores are drawing you into all of the rhythms of the universe.

There is an endless array of paths to be taken.  Living colors displaying and creating visions into all cellular levels. The dust and particles of time fly by as there is a new molding of structures to come. Breathe in the life of his winds which infills and expands new life. Our soul bursts over the joy of the Lord as he calls our name. Exalt him for he is good.

The earth is resounding and reeling as the Lord is burning off all dross. He is the one and only Maker and Creator of all who prunes the vines of his vineyard. He knows truly what is and what is not of him. As there are tears in the fabric of our inner core he is the repairer of them all.  Look on high as our redemption draws nigh. Adventure down every new path that presents itself before you exploring the distant shores of His vast firmament.

Written by: Renata Ritter

© Copyright 7-13-20

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A Touch From Heaven

A Touch From Heaven

The choir of angels and saints gather together in the Great Hall Of Praise where voices ring out filling the heavens with chorus’s of halleluiahs shaking the inner depths of the earth. No man in his own finite wisdom can fathom what is transpiring in the realms surrounding them.  The whole earth vibrates in ethereal song in sheer joy of their creator’s glorious eternal life’s story proclaimed through everything that lives and breathes that His existence is pure as crystal on the sea of glass.

The grandeur of His priestly gown covers the temple within us. Purity’s voice reveals the greatness of our beloved Savior’s sacrifice who restored all of creation. We stand only because of His grace and mercy! He is our source for every need.  Our breath succumbs us down to the cellular level where He is intertwined within us. Hallowed be thy name! All of your kingdom comes in the silence of the night and the brightness of the noonday. We are delivered forever by His shed blood. All our debts are forgiven. Let us be led by The Word all the days of our life. Gather and come all you saints.

Let heaven’s touch transform your body, soul, mind, and spirit. Feel his love and glory as it shines through you. Holy Spirit inoculate us from all evil and reach into our inner core breaking off all that is not of you. Be cleansed of every hindrance.  The secret place stands open.  Revelation of the promised land pours out on us.  Fill every diminutive area of our understanding Lord.  Clap your hands all you nations for the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. Heaven’s touch is in its depth of final ultimate fulfillment.


Written By: Renata Ritter

© Copyright 11-24-19

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The Gathering In Of His Flock


The Gathering In Of His Flock

God’s anticipation for the gathering in of His flock is soon to arrive on the earth.  His joy for the ingathering offsets the sadness of what is happening throughout the world. His heart cry is for his creation of all humanity to receive him for who he is and who he made them to be in his image. Their understanding is distorted by the hardened uncaring hearts of humanity.  The voices of God’s lost sheep are calling out for mercy in a hard and barren land. Lord, we call out to you for true peace to return once again. Teach us how to love and cherish the intricacy of how you made us. Your beauty transcends all earthly view our spirit can take in. The fragileness of our existence can come and go within a flicker of time.

The restoration of the times past is no more but the NOW and what is to come is within our hands.  Will, we finally take our rightful place across the earth to restore its wealth of heavens treasures he bestowed to us to preserve and take care of?  God has given each of us a measure of faith to believe in what is right and just.

Now is the greatest time in all of history to gather in the harvest. We called out in prayer for years for revival to come.  Now that revival is truly here it looks so different than we ever imagined it would.  God is wooing people’s hearts on a one on one basis in the solitude of their homes just God and them. No teams of intercessors or praise leaders or prophetic people or ministers preaching in large conferences, crusades, or congregations.

We have had sufficient time to understand what we are called to do. Head knowledge is not the answer and it is not just about your title, positioning, or calling. It is about our hearts’ love of the father to do his will. We are to walk out each day by his leading. Let the winds of the spirit blow. Hear the soft voice of his leading.  Let God choose your daily path moment by moment. The washing of the Word rearranges you and purifies you. As sons of God, we are an inordinate being a creature of love and light. Now is the season to flow in the spirit realm as we bring heaven on earth.   

Written By: Renata Ritter

© Copyright 4-8-20

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The Window of Life

The Window of Life

Looking through the window of life I saw many diverse events through which I encountered and discovered what transformed, created, and formed who I was called to be.  

As a child, I anticipated all the firsts that I would experience. With joy, wonder, firm resolve, and the realization of the greatness of who I could become. The positive self-motivation that I could conquer the world to do and be anything I put my heart to.

I stood strong in faith and through God’s guidance I was able to overcome what stood in my path as the years flew by. The strength was not my own, it was from God and God alone. My life was always in his hands. His deep presence guided me through a maze of twists and turns as I encountered many challenges. My window was fogged over many times. I couldn’t see anything. Rain, snow, hail, wind, intense light, and deep darkness all affected my window’s view. Many times, my clarity and focus impeded my decisions. I felt at times like I couldn’t even stand up and the only way to move forward was in a bent-over prostration calling out to God for him to hold me up with his strong right arm.

I became more and more in-tune with God as time transpired. A deeper more personal relationship with God started to grow and expand. I could feel His heart of love and compassion grow within me. At one-point unknown, even to myself, my window’s view had changed. I started seeing and feeling the wounds of others. Holy Spirit actively flowed in and through me. The expanse of the universe was unfolding before my eyes. An understanding of a whole beautiful universal knowledge of the vastness of the universe and the heavens he created.  Holy Spirit gave me a new glimpse of how God intricately and uniquely made his sons and daughters. He bestowed them with remarkable inner gifts and capabilities that we have not yet had the full capacity to imagine.

God you created us in your eternal supernatural image with your breath of light and life; therefore, we can do, see, feel, hear, and believe All things. Nothing is impossible for you. Now we have an unlimited window view of lands beyond lands and worlds beyond worlds we never knew existed. The limitless cosmos and the deep unknown are now revealed to us beyond all comprehension.  We as eternal supernatural beings are one in spirit with you. We are home when we live in your presence. Every day our windows view becomes brighter, clearer, and more transparent. Now, we fly unrestrained.

Father, let our mind, soul, and spirit perceive, know, and recognize that we are one with you. Oracles of light that flow from your presence.  A priestly calling is upon and within us. Your Word decrees that we are priests forever in the order of Melchizedek.

Freedom lies within us. A wellspring of God’s promise resides in our inner home. Reach out your hand so the master can overshadow you with his truth. Allow your windows view to have no borders and no restraints. He will have dominion within us flooding a release of transformation. Declare, let your kingdom come, let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

Written By: Renata Ritter

© Copyright 3/27/20

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Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt

Beyond the source, we must go where the river flows in the vast expanse that never ends. Flashes of lightning and thunder peals as the majesty of this place fills the atmosphere. The earth reels in ecstasy at the sound of His voice. The wonder of it surrounds our soul. We are overcome by the sight and sense of its beauty. His glory fills every pore leaving us wanting more.  

His mercy resides in the river of life. Comfort dwells there. A place of warmth that soothes our human depth calling us in deeper. His presence nourishes our core as every cell is restored better than before. We adore your singing, more God more! Now, Lord now, let your light cover the earth. We brace ourselves as your fire blows through the air we breathe.

Reverberations shake the universe. He comes, we sing His praises. Stand children for your redemption is drawing nigh. He is calling from on high. Rise up, be lifted up, heavens gates are open. His melody overcomes every last hesitation we have. Take in His glory. Sweet essence purifies us. Dive in, the water is crystal clear. Let it be your only source of life.  

Lightning bolt strike me through and through. Your power will always be, we glorify you from the earth, sky, and sea. May we be filled with your magnificence as we taste and see that you are good. We are revitalized for this journey is soon to be. Other worlds upon worlds knew that you are the only creator of all.

Our strength comes from you and you alone. Awaken and arise now soldiers take up the scepter and sword and advance for the battle is here. No more time to prepare for this battle is upon us now. Spirit lead us as the lightning has struck the earth from one end to the other. Kneel first in prayer then advance to your set place where the light never ends and the stars always shine as his reverberations ring forth. To God be all blessings, glory, honor, and praise! The frequencies of your light pierce through us pouring out upon mankind. Shine, Shine, Shine!

Written By: Renata Ritter

© Copyright 2-27-20

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