Flower gardening is one of my passions.  As soon as they are vibrant with color, I will attach pictures for everyone to enjoy!

My newest project was released. Check out my new book called The Cutting Edge on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The Cutting Edge gives insights and strategies for the emerging spiritual warrior. The upcoming series will be called Point of Impact. Point of Impact will share testimony’s from those who applied the knowledge shared from my first book in the series. Also my experiences in the eternal realm of deeper knowledge will be included in my upcoming book. Future projects on the horizon include a group of training courses that will give insights and strategies on a large range of topics for the millennial’s  who are out on the frontlines of evangelism and ministry in the US as well as other areas of the world. Parents and grandparents these books and manuals will help you to work with and relate to the issues the young adults in your family (s) and friends are encountering in their lives. You will feel equipped to be a light and encouragement in their lives.