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What is The Daisy Principle?

The Daisy Principle is simplicity in action.  One perfect seed released into the universe will help you reap what you have sown.  Life’s challenges bring heartaches however; your brave walk will not go unnoticed.

Obtain a lovely daisy remove each tiny petal count each one.  While jotting down your count think about others in your life that are looking for answers or need a miracle.  List their name beside each number and place them in your thoughts then Lift them up to the Lord.  Wait, believe with the faith of a child, dream of their reward, and watch your flower rejuvenate as their lives burst back into bloom when you receive their wonderful news. Write down their testimonies to share with others to encourage them and most of all remember to reactivate The Daisy Principle everywhere you go.  Spread HOPE and share gratitude, in its path, Your Life will be blessed!

Authors Vision

I Renata Ritter am an inspirational writer and speaker.  My writings encourage you to reflect on your inner strengths, gifts, and learning experiences helping you to continue to grow into the superb being that you were made to be.  I am very passionate about sharing my insights and experiences with you.  I believe my inspirational writings will have a lifelong impact on the upcoming decisions you will make going forward.

Love will warm your spirit taking you to a safe haven of hope!  My pen is the instrument of deep inspirational writings that will help you cross the bridge to fulfill your destiny!  My hope is that you will receive the eyes to see and ears to hear what I have seen and heard and so much more!  meet the author