Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt

Beyond the source, we must go where the river flows in the vast expanse that never ends. Flashes of lightning and thunder peals as the majesty of this place fills the atmosphere. The earth reels in ecstasy at the sound of His voice. The wonder of it surrounds our soul. We are overcome by the sight and sense of its beauty. His glory fills every pore leaving us wanting more.  

His mercy resides in the river of life. Comfort dwells there. A place of warmth that soothes our human depth calling us in deeper. His presence nourishes our core as every cell is restored better than before. We adore your singing, more God more! Now, Lord now, let your light cover the earth. We brace ourselves as your fire blows through the air we breathe.

Reverberations shake the universe. He comes, we sing His praises. Stand children for your redemption is drawing nigh. He is calling from on high. Rise up, be lifted up, heavens gates are open. His melody overcomes every last hesitation we have. Take in His glory. Sweet essence purifies us. Dive in, the water is crystal clear. Let it be your only source of life.  

Lightning bolt strike me through and through. Your power will always be, we glorify you from the earth, sky, and sea. May we be filled with your magnificence as we taste and see that you are good. We are revitalized for this journey is soon to be. Other worlds upon worlds knew that you are the only creator of all.

Our strength comes from you and you alone. Awaken and arise now soldiers take up the scepter and sword and advance for the battle is here. No more time to prepare for this battle is upon us now. Spirit lead us as the lightning has struck the earth from one end to the other. Kneel first in prayer then advance to your set place where the light never ends and the stars always shine as his reverberations ring forth. To God be all blessings, glory, honor, and praise! The frequencies of your light pierce through us pouring out upon mankind. Shine, Shine, Shine!

Written By: Renata Ritter

© Copyright 2-27-20

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