How “An Angel Lives in You” was created.

Driving on a cold and dark early morning, I listened to the inspirational heavenly music by Sarah Brightman.  I thought about how all through our lives, we have the opportunity to be an angel in someone’s life.  Do you know what I mean?  We need to listen more to that inner leading to do something good for others.    read more

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An Angel Lives In You

 An Angel spoke within, her words were pure and without sin, she knew my heart she saw my soul she held me tight and carried me to the light, whence all strength left my life.

 My Angel knew my every thought, my every word and my every act, she saw the real me, every bit, large and small, she spoke not and yet I could perceive, she carried my burdens to heaven, ah yes, He did receive them all and not a one did He let fall.

 This Angel of Life continues to dwell in me from child on to old age.  She smiled at me when my first trial began small though it was for she knew the answer well, the free things in life do not easily come, but for some mercy and grace shines upon their face from early morn until the dusk of night.

I could sense her presence coming near, close to the corridor of my mind; her brightness my eyes did blind, her essence of heavenly perfume filled every pore till all I yearned for was more and more.

 She brings me peace a blessed relief; the anchor holds firm and sure to His promises.  We all know this Angel deep within us, they surely are placed there by His own hand for He alone knows the Angel who will stand and stand and stand till our life’s last end.

Written By: Renata Ritter
Copyright  2006 ©