A Touch From Heaven

A Touch From Heaven

The choir of angels and saints gather together in the Great Hall Of Praise where voices ring out filling the heavens with chorus’s of halleluiahs shaking the inner depths of the earth. No man in his own finite wisdom can fathom what is transpiring in the realms surrounding them.  The whole earth vibrates in ethereal song in sheer joy of their creator’s glorious eternal life’s story proclaimed through everything that lives and breathes that His existence is pure as crystal on the sea of glass.

The grandeur of His priestly gown covers the temple within us. Purity’s voice reveals the greatness of our beloved Savior’s sacrifice who restored all of creation. We stand only because of His grace and mercy! He is our source for every need.  Our breath succumbs us down to the cellular level where He is intertwined within us. Hallowed be thy name! All of your kingdom comes in the silence of the night and the brightness of the noonday. We are delivered forever by His shed blood. All our debts are forgiven. Let us be led by The Word all the days of our life. Gather and come all you saints.

Let heaven’s touch transform your body, soul, mind, and spirit. Feel his love and glory as it shines through you. Holy Spirit inoculate us from all evil and reach into our inner core breaking off all that is not of you. Be cleansed of every hindrance.  The secret place stands open.  Revelation of the promised land pours out on us.  Fill every diminutive area of our understanding Lord.  Clap your hands all you nations for the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. Heaven’s touch is in its depth of final ultimate fulfillment.


Written By: Renata Ritter

© Copyright 11-24-19

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