The Window of Life

The Window of Life

Looking through the window of life I saw many diverse events through which I encountered and discovered what transformed, created, and formed who I was called to be.  

As a child, I anticipated all the firsts that I would experience. With joy, wonder, firm resolve, and the realization of the greatness of who I could become. The positive self-motivation that I could conquer the world to do and be anything I put my heart to.

I stood strong in faith and through God’s guidance I was able to overcome what stood in my path as the years flew by. The strength was not my own, it was from God and God alone. My life was always in his hands. His deep presence guided me through a maze of twists and turns as I encountered many challenges. My window was fogged over many times. I couldn’t see anything. Rain, snow, hail, wind, intense light, and deep darkness all affected my window’s view. Many times, my clarity and focus impeded my decisions. I felt at times like I couldn’t even stand up and the only way to move forward was in a bent-over prostration calling out to God for him to hold me up with his strong right arm.

I became more and more in-tune with God as time transpired. A deeper more personal relationship with God started to grow and expand. I could feel His heart of love and compassion grow within me. At one-point unknown, even to myself, my window’s view had changed. I started seeing and feeling the wounds of others. Holy Spirit actively flowed in and through me. The expanse of the universe was unfolding before my eyes. An understanding of a whole beautiful universal knowledge of the vastness of the universe and the heavens he created.  Holy Spirit gave me a new glimpse of how God intricately and uniquely made his sons and daughters. He bestowed them with remarkable inner gifts and capabilities that we have not yet had the full capacity to imagine.

God you created us in your eternal supernatural image with your breath of light and life; therefore, we can do, see, feel, hear, and believe All things. Nothing is impossible for you. Now we have an unlimited window view of lands beyond lands and worlds beyond worlds we never knew existed. The limitless cosmos and the deep unknown are now revealed to us beyond all comprehension.  We as eternal supernatural beings are one in spirit with you. We are home when we live in your presence. Every day our windows view becomes brighter, clearer, and more transparent. Now, we fly unrestrained.

Father, let our mind, soul, and spirit perceive, know, and recognize that we are one with you. Oracles of light that flow from your presence.  A priestly calling is upon and within us. Your Word decrees that we are priests forever in the order of Melchizedek.

Freedom lies within us. A wellspring of God’s promise resides in our inner home. Reach out your hand so the master can overshadow you with his truth. Allow your windows view to have no borders and no restraints. He will have dominion within us flooding a release of transformation. Declare, let your kingdom come, let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

Written By: Renata Ritter

© Copyright 3/27/20

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