Author Insight how “An Angel Lives in You” was created

…Think back through your life.  Have you narrowly escaped a dangerous or difficult scenario?  I can guarantee you that angels have protected you from danger.  They are God’s heavenly messengers who deliver the answers you have been seeking through heartfelt prayer.  You are never alone in life.  If you are a believer, you have the Holy Spirit living in you.  He teaches guides and counsels you.  We are assigned angels who guard and protect us.  Now granted they do not live inside of you but they are by your side.  In thinking down through all of these things, the title (An Angel Lives in You) was created.  Of note, in my writings, I use analogy (comparison based on resemblance).

Let me share with you today something that happened to me many years ago.  When I was a young girl my mother asked me to help her make jam.  We had a very old house and under the table in the kitchen was a trap door, which led to the cellar.  It was a very hot summer day and our old farmhouse had no air conditioning.  I was stirring jam to prevent it from cooking on to the bottom of the canner.  Generally, it is cooked for a minimum of 8 hours.  My sister was downstairs getting Kerr jars.  As I was sitting on the top of the stove (I know not a bright thing to do), endlessly stirring and not paying attention the mixture got so boiling hot that it flew over the sides of the canner and landed on my bare legs.  I jumped up, fell off the stove, and landed on the chair.  The chair tipped over as I fell backward through the cellar door onto the back of my sister who was just then coming up the stairs.  Her body was perfectly angled and at the right height, that her back and mine met back-to-back.  She did not fall; she braced herself until I could crawl off unharmed.

God sent His angels to save me from harm by having my sister come up the stairs at the exact right moment.  You could say it was coincidence or you can realize that every minute of our lives are planned out and with exact timing, we are protected.  That is what I choose to believe.  Coincidences do not just happen – all events are planned.  God knows the beginning from the end.

Please enjoy this writing and take its content as it is intended.  Angels do exist.  Reflect back in your life and think about how many times you may have been rescued from danger.