The Gathering In Of His Flock


The Gathering In Of His Flock

God’s anticipation for the gathering in of His flock is soon to arrive on the earth.  His joy for the ingathering offsets the sadness of what is happening throughout the world. His heart cry is for his creation of all humanity to receive him for who he is and who he made them to be in his image. Their understanding is distorted by the hardened uncaring hearts of humanity.  The voices of God’s lost sheep are calling out for mercy in a hard and barren land. Lord, we call out to you for true peace to return once again. Teach us how to love and cherish the intricacy of how you made us. Your beauty transcends all earthly view our spirit can take in. The fragileness of our existence can come and go within a flicker of time.

The restoration of the times past is no more but the NOW and what is to come is within our hands.  Will, we finally take our rightful place across the earth to restore its wealth of heavens treasures he bestowed to us to preserve and take care of?  God has given each of us a measure of faith to believe in what is right and just.

Now is the greatest time in all of history to gather in the harvest. We called out in prayer for years for revival to come.  Now that revival is truly here it looks so different than we ever imagined it would.  God is wooing people’s hearts on a one on one basis in the solitude of their homes just God and them. No teams of intercessors or praise leaders or prophetic people or ministers preaching in large conferences, crusades, or congregations.

We have had sufficient time to understand what we are called to do. Head knowledge is not the answer and it is not just about your title, positioning, or calling. It is about our hearts’ love of the father to do his will. We are to walk out each day by his leading. Let the winds of the spirit blow. Hear the soft voice of his leading.  Let God choose your daily path moment by moment. The washing of the Word rearranges you and purifies you. As sons of God, we are an inordinate being a creature of love and light. Now is the season to flow in the spirit realm as we bring heaven on earth.   

Written By: Renata Ritter

© Copyright 4-8-20

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