A Storm Like None Other

A Storm Like None Other

A haze covers our land. In the beginning, the haze slowly crept in, and then it developed into a thick heavy blanket. The hurricane winds storms produced clouds of thick fog swirling in massive funnels around the world. A storm like none other! Its essence penetrated into and around everything that encompasses our daily life. Business, politics, school, church, industry, finances, media, the arts, and so much more.  Our being was pelted with horrendous debris piercing through to our soul bringing on eventual moral decay.  We became anesthetized and numb to its presence.  The breakdown started right after the fall of man.


Breaking out of the sludge of this corrupt fog and casting off the debris we are determined we will not let it move and restrain us anymore! We start to breathe in truth once again! Clarity comes into view. The world has been taken down into a wormhole of deceit, lies, immoral acts, fraud, greed, abusive use of authority, and corruption of every kind. Let us not forget what the Author and Finisher of our faith told us “let no man deceive you by any means”. Everything hidden will be revealed! We are coming out of the darkness into his marvelous light.


Let us move radically into the realm of possibilities. Our God removed death far from us and he brought life into our sinews and bones. We must nourish our mind, body, soul, and spirit with his hope and peace that has been freely given. It is time to fly free strengthened by his might and power. Watch as the storm clouds worldwide are blown away ushering in the glorious blinding light of heaven. The God of all creation has a plan. Just as he brought us a Savior who died for all of our sins he also brought us a key that opens all doors of opportunities. All we have to do is use this God-given key to freedom and liberty.  Advance NOW with the hope of a new and better tomorrow.

Written By: Renata Ritter

© Copyright 11/20

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