The Cooing of the Dove

The Cooing of the Dove

Arise, weary warrior, as His glorious light casts its rays down upon you.  His soft cooing like a dove is calling you away into the infinity of the unknown.  The highways of Godly ley-lines are flowing throughout multi-dimensions to the inner depths of cosmic realms.  The marching of the saints and war-torn sons and daughters of the King are echoing and resounding through the frequency of his light.

Come away from that which is downtrodden and weighted by burdens. His peace is freedom for all and in this place, there is undisturbed composure.  Be caught up in the vein of the lifeblood of the King. Sounds of distant shores are drawing you into all of the rhythms of the universe.

There is an endless array of paths to be taken.  Living colors displaying and creating visions into all cellular levels. The dust and particles of time fly by as there is a new molding of structures to come. Breathe in the life of his winds which infills and expands new life. Our soul bursts over the joy of the Lord as he calls our name. Exalt him for he is good.

The earth is resounding and reeling as the Lord is burning off all dross. He is the one and only Maker and Creator of all who prunes the vines of his vineyard. He knows truly what is and what is not of him. As there are tears in the fabric of our inner core he is the repairer of them all.  Look on high as our redemption draws nigh. Adventure down every new path that presents itself before you exploring the distant shores of His vast firmament.

Written by: Renata Ritter

© Copyright 7-13-20

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