Army of the Lord


Army of the Lord

The army of the Lord has gathered together, scrambling, running full force bearing down on the wind of the heavens. Extreme elation rains down filling the air with electrified conduits of vivacity. The warriors catapult forward unhindered, hearing the voice of the Lord calling into the universe, “Warriors come up here.” They run beyond the speed of light.

Beat your drums, meld together in strength, power, and authority. Songs of the saint’s thunder. Ground shaking, loud voice pealing in the distance displaying heightened anticipation for the decreed move of God. Our heart’s pulse is in sync with Yahweh.

God is in command ready to charge! His stallions rear up in electrification ready for their rider to mount-up advancing in their exact position in the phalanx of His army’s. Flags flying, music shattering the earth’s core, the beauty of their array of colorful combat-gear is riveting. Steam pouring from stallions nostrils, lightning in their eyes. Warriors with decorated jewel-encrusted swords and shields from every nation as they take their commissioned places. The elite of the elite warriors. They do not know the word defeat. Victors in every battle ever fought. Triumphant Warriors!

Hosts of Angels fill the atmospheres vast space beyond what any eye can envision. Dimensions upon dimensions and heavens corridor readily split open making a passage for the unconquerable forces of God’s army’s as they march through gateways of resplendent blinding light overtaking the fleeing demons, principalities, and powers of the air. Shrieks and screams of terror emit everywhere. Time is at its end, their fate plays out as predicted from the beginning of creation.

Prepare people, make ready warriors, your mission has come upon you. It runs ahead of you overtaking every soldier for this foreordained time. The ground cries out with the shed blood of the lost, saints son’s and daughter’s of God from all the atrocities throughout history. Saints repel down the mountains proclaiming Victory for King Jesus who reigns in the heavens and the earth! No more time, no more time left for the enemies of God!

Written By: Renata Ritter 
© Copyright 10-29-19

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