Windows Of The Soul

Windows of the Soul

(Abstract Writing)

Imagine that you are an actual pane of glass or a window viewing events throughout life.

Undisturbed and unknown is my view through the window as I look upon the souls and scenes that pass before me. Looking deep, I search to understand the essence of their existence, their lives, trials, and triumphs. My encounters entailed the many eras of the momentous events in history concerning the rise and fall of one empire to another; the building of nations through their struggles for power, greed, and envy bringing about horrible and needless wars; their relationships of love, marriage, birth, and death all enveloped in a flood of tears of joy and sadness. Many scenes were too horrendous for me to view and during those times my reflection was dull and cold. I had the privilege to partake of the first fantastic adrenalin fired pursuit of seeing the beauty of the world through flight, and the view of the cosmos of the planets astounded me through space travel. My window light brightens giving me pleasure, as the beauty of the changing of the seasons unfolds before me. I saw springs glorious rising and setting of the sun. The moon as it changed shape by its location and revolution of the earth changing its aura from diamond light to brilliant harvest moon orange. Stars, which sparkled and twinkled like diamonds leaving one wanting more. Springs new growth of vegetation made the earth come alive in every color shade of green. A great awakening after winters slumber. Summer sprung forth with life from the many plants, animals, and human. My reflection could only beam at these times. Snapshots of pure jubilance. Man splashed and frolicked in the streams, lakes, and bodies of water, which renewed their spirits. They congregated together and replenished their relationships to one another enjoying their freedom. Warmth filled the earth everywhere and the smiles of every nation color and creed stays in my remembrance. Falls display came as a myriad of color, golden orange, yellow, and brown. The air was heightened by the scent of the trees and leaves dampness releasing their true smell. Falls days grew shorter which instinctively brought about bird migration to other areas of the world. Every animal and human was in preparation for the coming season of hushed stillness. Harvest time came and went as food was gathered and stored for those who had plenty but deep inside my window, I remembered the look of dismay in the eyes of the humans from countries who lacked the resources they needed to feed young and old and it was puzzling, bothersome, and troubling to me. In the winter, most of the earth slowed down bringing rest and rejuvenation for most people but there still remained some who continued to have a vast need of even the main essentials needed for their daily needs. The season always brought freezing cold and ice that clung to tree branches. I could hear snapping and cracking coming from the ices weight, as it fractured, broke off limbs, wires, and even ice itself never to be restored. The glistening sparkles were a wondrous view to behold. Massive amounts of snow blew in- bringing joy to some, sorrow, and headache to others. A deep silence fills the earth during this season. I am in awe, as a bystander who watches cataclysmic events and the destructions that come upon this world as erupting volcanoes, landslides, hurricanes, tidal waves, fire, hail, torrential rains, snowstorms, and many variable in-between. How can man encompass all that I have seen? The terror, joy, anger, tears, and heartbreak that has come upon them through the centuries, I do not know. I could barely view some of the scenes that lay before me. My inner core ached so at times that my outer window burst into a million pieces so much so that I could not be put back together. However, they made and fashioned me again in new modern shapes but either way, it did not make it any easier as I was made to view more scenes of the upcoming events in history and those crucial moments that will continue to be revealed through – The Windows of the Soul.

Written By: Renate Ilse © 2009

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  1. dais4960 says:

    Praise God we have the Lord to turn to in life who soothes and comforts us. He is our strong tower and safe haven. Call upon Him in times of trouble and He will hear you. Pray and allow Him to minister to your soul. The healing balm of Gilead will bring you joy and freedom throughout your life’s trials. The windows of our soul are to be filled with light.

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